Category: Play

Feed the imagination

Toys that inspire imagination in your child are incredibly important, a good imagination helps build critical thinking skills and promotes creative problem solving among many other benefits.  Imaginative play helps your child understand the world around them by effectively ‘trying on’ different personas, worlds and ways of doing things.  There are a huge variety of […]

Making Music Fun

What child doesn’t like making noise!  Musical instruments and musical toys can be a great way to improve hand eye coordination, memory confidence and much more! A study from Northwestern University in Illinois found that the cognitive benefits of music classes were much higher when children were engaging with the music in an interactive way […]

Getting along with other kids

Everyone wants their child to get along with other children and a great way to encourage this is by looking for toys and activities that promote team work, sharing and encourage kids to work together for a common goal. Play is a great equaliser and when they are engrossed in an activity is can be […]

Picking perfect party favors

When it comes to birthday party planning the number of tasks on your to do list can seem to exponentially grow as you get closer to the big day! Party favours can often take a back seat to the other aspects of the day yet parents frequently say that choosing the right party favours can […]

Why Every Child Should Have A Teddy Bear

Everyone loves teddy bears, they’re cuddly, furry, soft and their character filled faces are adorable, but there is more to teddy bears than having something to cuddle. Scientifically they have value to your child’s development.

Best Summer Toys

Summer is here. 7 weeks of no school. No routine. Early rises and kids begging to be entertained constantly is upon on us. Did I mention that you need to do all this in the baking hot sun? We’re only kidding. Summer is the best time to spend more time with your family but it […]

When a DIY Saved the Day

There is a lot going on in our world today and I don’t mean politically, although that is certainly true! A trip to everything from the shops, to a museum, to the cinema can be full of flashing lights, loud noises, and unusual spaces which, for many children, is just all a bit too much.

Make Walks An Adventure

Exercise can be one of the best ways to forge good habits in your child’s life. But sometimes academics, family emergencies, or injuries mean the team sports route is not an option. Instead of forgoing exercise, which can disrupt a good sleep schedule, is the worst plan. Staying active is incredibly important for young people […]

Introducing Pets Into the Mix

Having a small furry friend is one of the great joys of childhood. Connecting with an animal, and developing trust, can give you an immeasurable feeling of friendship. Even when you don’t have words for your emotions, a pet can help you through the sometimes traumatic journey of life. A skinned knee, jilted crushes, changing schools, these […]