Parenting Tips For The Living Room

It’s not plain sailing being a parent, with your kids determined to put themselves in danger at seemingly every opportunity. It can be easy to forget to child proof some things as your kids will always surprise you with the places they’re able to get to without your supervision. That said, here’s our handy tips for child-proofing your living room. It’s probably where the little ones spend most of their non-napping time, so best to be extra careful here.

Getting cupboards secure with clasps

It’s natural for kids to explore and be curious, and that includes wanting to know what lurks behind those suspicious looking cupboards and cabinets! Whether they have cutlery, bleach or the Friday night bottle of wine inside them, it’s a good idea to keep them locked from the little ones’ hands. There are plenty of ways to lock your cupboards, magnetic clasps are super simple to use, they’ll come with a key that can be used for all the magnetic locks you use, just make sure you don’t lose it! Adhesive locks also do the job at low cost, and parents love them as you simply need to strap the two anchor points on the lock together. Cord locks are another great choice, but only for side by side cabinets with handles for the cord to tie round. These locks should keep your kids from gettting to the contents of your cupboards, and from slamming them shut over and over again just to get on your nerves.

Guarding the fire

Fire has a way of grabbing your attention, and while us grown ups have learned to look and not touch, kids are still picking up the do’s and don’ts of fire safety. You can keep your kids away from the fireplace in two ways. First, think about getting a play pen, not only will it keep them away from the fireplace, but other potential hazards in the living room as well. It also makes it easier to keep an eye on them if you’re pretty busy. However the fireplace will still be exposed, so the best option is to get a fireplace screen. A good one will be sturdyenough so that the more aggressive youngsters won’t pull it down, while having a gate which allows you easy access when you need to get the fire started or stopped.

Guarding the radiator

It’s not just the fireplace that can give the kids a nasty burn, it’s just as important to guard the radiators as well. It’s easy to forget about them during the summer months, but radiators pose a real danger to your kids. There are many ways of getting them covered, cabinets are an option, but they can be a little on the expensive side. I’d recommend padded radiator covers. They’re relatively cheap and are easy to attach, plus they come in loads of different colours and are super soft into the bargain.

Parental lock on the TV

We all love a bit of Game of Thrones, so much blood, violence and sex. Not something you want your five-year-old tuning into while you’re getting dinner ready. The best way to prevent that horror scenario from happening is to add a parental lock to your TV. It’s very straightforward, just set a PIN for all those channels that aren’t Disney or Nickelodeon, and let your little ones surf the channels care free. While we’re talking about TV safety, it’s worth remember that a free standing TV could be easily knocked over, so think about having your TV behind closed doors in an entertainment centre. See above for how to keep that secured!


These are some general tips for making your living room a safe area for your young ones. It’s worth keeping in mind that not all living rooms are the same, and yours might have a random object that could cause some harm, so make sure to cover up sharp edges, things that give off heat and keep doors sealed!