Picking perfect party favors

When it comes to birthday party planning the number of tasks on your to do list can seem to exponentially grow as you get closer to the big day! Party favours can often take a back seat to the other aspects of the day yet parents frequently say that choosing the right party favours can be time consuming and expensive. Here are some of our top tips for the right pick.


Kids accumulate all sorts of plastic junk during the birthday party circuit, if your budget for favours is pointing towards bulk items of perhaps questionable quality consider make the favours something that kids can eat instead.  Edible items make for great budget favours and can be customised or jazzed up with some simple craft accents.


If you are making a craft as part of the birthday party, the finished craft can also double as your party favour, A word of advice though, if paint is involved in the craft do it at the beginning of the party so everyone creation has the most amount of time possible to dry before being taken home.


Personalised favours

One approach to personalised favours is to add a label with the individual names of the attendees to each one.  This is a great way of doing it if you are not 100% sure who is all going to show up for the party.  Have blank labels (and extra favours) on standby so if an unexpected guest (or sibling turns up) you can easily add a customised label.

If you know for sure who is going to be a guest at the party a personalised water bottle, pencil case or initial makes for a lovely and thoughtful gift.

A final note: For the sake of the sanity of parents across the world do not, we repeat DO NOT, send kids home with whistles, min trumpets or other noise makers. Whats worse that kiddo hyped up on birthday cake?  One who just can’t wait to show you the noise their vuvuzela makes.