Parenting Tips For Car Care

It seems like everything you do with your kids can cause stress, even a simple car journey can be a pain without the right preparation. To get your car prepared for a trip with the baby on board, we’ve put together a list of car care tips for you, have a look! 

Having the right car seat

A car seat is something you’ll have to purchase before the baby is even born, as you’ll need it when leaving the hospital. But there are some things you’ll need to consider before choosing one. For this item the price should be of less importance, find the one that provides the best protection for your child in the event of an accident. There are also different size depending on the size of your child, and the right one is needed to fully protect them. Remember to check the seat will fit in your car before you buy it, as there is no universal car seat that fits in every car.

Having the right accessories

There are some great accessories out there to make car journeys less stressful for you and your baby. Think about getting a travel tray, sitting on a child’s lap this tray prevents tears caused by dropped dummies, toys and food, while stopping your car getting messy into the bargain. A baby car seat mirror will put you both at ease by keeping the baby in view while you’re in the front seat. While a portable potty can be whipped out in emergencies.

Tablet holder for the back seat

Let’s face it. Kids will get bored sitting alone in the backseat. If you don’t want the tears and tantrums to start, get yourself a nifty little tablet headrest mount. This will secure your tablet in place with a perfect view for the entire backseat, so stick on a Disney film and travel without the dreaded sound of kids crying.


Remember that no matter how much entertainment you provide, kids will still get tired of being in a car for a long journey. Make sure to stop for breaks to get them some fresh air and stretch the legs. It’s also the perfect time to get them something to eat, and if you don’t have the portable potty then it’s ideal for a toilet break.

For car journeys with your kids, it’s important to remember that safety is first, so make sure your car itself is up to scratch, as well as the child safety seat. As long as you keep them entertained and comfortable then you should have a stress-free journey.