Parenting Tips For the Kitchen

It’s dinner time! You know what that means, trying to get food ready while the kids are roaming the kitchen looking for ways to entertain themselves. Before you know someone’s hurt and you’ve got a screaming child and a boiling pot to deal with. To keep kitchen accidents to a minimum, we’ve came up with a useful little guide with some safety tips for when the kids are in the kitchen. 

Drawer safety

Kids are always trying to open things to see what’s inside them. Maybe there’s toys, more likely is cutlery and sharp objects that you don’t want them anywhere near. Before you know it all the contents of the drawer are spread across the room with one mischievous in the middle. Drawers can also slam on your child’s fingers, causing them a lot of pain. All this should convince you to baby proof your drawers, with a magnetic lock being the easiest option. Magnetic locks will come in a set with one key, so you can easily use them for multiple drawers throughout the ktichen.

Keeping things out of reach

If you leave something lying out on the worktop, chances are your kids will try and grab it. Make sure to put all cutlery back in the (now safety locked) drawers, or out of sight when you’re not using them. It’s easy to be messy because the kids are but leaving items within their reach can cause accidents. Most importantly pots and pans which are being used need to be kept away from the prying hands of the little ones. Always keep the handles of hot pots and pans facing towards the wall, so they’re totally out of reach.

Where to place things in fridge

Bacteria is that nasty unseen danger that can cause a lot of harm to your child. It can spread from raw to ready-to-eat food if the the food in the fridge isn’t stored properly. The top and middle shelf of your fridge should be taken up by food that is ready-to-eat, this includes dairy products, cooked meat, ready meals and other packaged foods, while the bottom shelf is where the raw meat, poultry and fish should be stored. This shelf order ensures that bacteria doesn’t transfer from the raw food to stuff that’s ready-to-eat.

Cooker safety

The oven door is fairly low to the ground, well within the reach of a child. For this reason an oven lock is a necessity when there’s young ones in a home. But even when locked the door can cause harm, as the screen will be very hot to touch. You can get a transparent oven door guard which is heat resistant and prevents burns, while still letting you keep an eye on what’s cooking. And if you don’t want every knob cranked up to full power, I’d recommend getting stove knob covers to prevent this from happening.

These tips should help keep your accident-prone little ones accident-free. Child proofing the kitchen is important and every parent should do it, but remember if you have really young ones the best idea is to keep them in a high chair while you’re busy with the dinner.