Best Summer Toys

Summer is here. 7 weeks of no school. No routine. Early rises and kids begging to be entertained constantly is upon on us. Did I mention that you need to do all this in the baking hot sun? We’re only kidding. Summer is the best time to spend more time with your family but it is also a great time to get the little ones out exercising and playing either their friends that why we have compiled a small list of some of the best toys you can get for your children to play with outdoors.

Ridley’s Outdoor Hook-a-Duck

This is great for those days where it is just too hot to do anything to strenuous. If there is a nice breeze you can sit the kids down cross legged in the sun (with suncream on of course) or if the heat is just to much they can enjoy playing with a juice in the shade. Well worth picking up and it wont break the bank either at around £18.

Funsparks Glow In The Dark Lawn Darts

These lawn darts are great fun. Not only that but when the sun starts to disappear and the cool nighttime comes in you can continue the fun because these will glow in the dark. These are suitable for any age. All you need to do is dot the hoop around the garden and take turns to see who can hit the bullseye. Eyes to learn, difficult to master and at £20 you will get hours of enjoyment form this game.

Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

For all those budding artists out there! This is the perfect toy for those children who love art but also like to get a bit messy. They are refillable and there are tons of colours to choose from or you can mix them up to make new colours for those who want to think outside of the box.Once your garden has been turned into a masterpiece all you need to do is give it a quick rinse with the hose or a bucket of water and you have a blank canvas again for your next exhibition. You can pick this ip for about £10 but you will need to buy batteries and some extra colours if you want to go full swing on the street painting.

Build The Millennium Falcon | Full Kit

With the Star Wars movie ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ coming out this summer, we reckon a Star Wars memorabilia will be flying off the shelf. We’ve uncovered this stunning 1:1 replica of the original Empire Strikes Back. Featuring unique internal details, lighting and movable parts.