Sleep Bags: The Sleep Saviours!

Have you ever experienced that horrible sensation of suddenly jolting awake because you feel like you are feeling moments before you are about to fall asleep? That sudden jolting awake sensation can be uncomfortable for a full-grown person and even more so for a baby or very young child. In babies, it is known as Moro or the startle reflex and can be especially aggravating to parents who were on the verge of getting their wee on to drift off into sleep only for them to suddenly awaken in tears.

The good news is that most infant will grow out of this after about 4 months and will only suffer from it occasionally like us adults. However, the bad news is that you have got the possibility of 4 months of having the success of sending your child off to dreamland snatched from your hands at the last moment!

Swaddling in very young infant has been shown to help stave of Moro as the swaddling replicates the sensation of being in the womb which keeps baby calm and also prevents them from waking themselves up with sudden movements. Parents who swear by the swaddling method can easily dread the day their little ones get too big to be swaddled or worse when the baby shows signs of wanting to escape the swaddle!


Sleep bags or sacks are somewhat of a rising star in the world of baby sleep management and have taken a lot of credit for getting Moro susceptible kids off to sleep. The sleep bag method is said to work because it causes the baby to feel secure yet gives them a little more freedom of movement than swaddling. You can also find sleep sacks that are roomy enough to hold a 2 year old and if you click here you can get some great deals on them.

Other benefits of sleep bags include preventing mini Houdini’s from scaling the sides of their cots  not to mention the way they can help stop babies from pulling off nappies and other closes!  I can almost hear the comments section filling up with remarks that your little one is so smart (aren’t they all) that they will easily work out how to do and undo the zippers that most sleep sacks use to fasten, but I think we can all agree that a zip is much easier to redo than those popper things or buttons that look cute but are seriously not easy to redo at 3am in the morning!

Personally, I love sleep bags, I swear by them for getting my 1 year old to settle down for the night. I think a large part of it has to do with the way putting it on creates a bedtime routine.  I have read many thing about the wonders of routines but honestly, with the 1 year old, a 5 year old and assorted cats, dogs and tortoises all having their own unique needs I can never quite stick to one. Yet now that we have been using a sleep bag for almost 6 months, I put the wee on in that sucker and I swear his eyes begin to get heavy.